Twitter and Facebook Poll: Who is Your Money Mentor and Why?

Posted on 04/13/2011

Most of us have mentors in our lives—people who have shaped and guided us into the human beings we are today. We wanted to know whose financial footsteps you were trying to follow so through Twitter and Facebook we asked you to tell us about your money mentors. (P.S. Don't forget to follow @Bargainist on Twitter and "like" us on Facebook for instant updates on the latest & greatest deals & tips!)


Emily Jones Wagner: I would have to say my parents. They encouraged me to go with a 15 yr mortgage 10 years ago, and only having 5 yrs left, it will be great to not have house payments when I am 35yrs old!

Steven Jay Weisz: My father. He taught me (in the 1970's) that Debt is like Slavery. The more debt you have, the less flexible or free you are. He encouraged me to try and avoid using Credit Cards whenever possible. This advice has saved me thousands of dollars and allowed me to start several businesses and make investments that are still paying off.

Sara Davenport: Dave Ramsey!!!!!!!

Heather Campbell Husson: You are!

Lester-Rachel Burgess: My mother, with raising two kids and a husband who was out of work for 10 years she showed me how to squeeze a dollar out of a penny.

Nick Fisher: My mom


@moneyhighway: My parents...I learned how easy it is to ruin your finances when you get too emotional :)

@tjrum: My mother. she always modeled an amazing ability to stretch a dollar as a poor single mother. I never wanted for anything.

@TimPecoraro: My father-in-law. Worked hard and smart, gave much, saved much, lived within his means and made wise investments.

@amassimiwsav: My husband is my money mentor... He is great at saving and planning ahead.

By Alison Storm

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