How to Avoid the High Cost of Replacements and Refills

Posted on 04/20/2011

Companies love to get consumers committed to a particular product by forcing you to buy refills in order to keep using it. They do it with cleaning supplies, razors, water filters and more. The original product may not have even cost you much, but the refills are often overpriced. Here are some tips for avoiding the high cost of replacements and refills.

Ink Cartridges - Many brands of ink cartridges can actually be refilled which is usually a fraction of the cost than purchasing a replacement. For instance, you can take your Dell, HP, Lexmark, Okidata, Primera, Sharp or Xerox cartridges to the Walgreens photo counter and get a refill for just $12.99. That’s much cheaper than the price of a new ink cartridge. Or pick up a refill kit from Save 10% off your purchase by using coupon code REFILL.

Razors - Razors can be expensive, but the cost of refill blades is often sky high. Avoid falling into the razor company’s trap by trying out different brands. Drug stores like CVS, Walgreens and Rite Aid often offer discounts on razors—many times you can score them for free if it’s a new product. Hold on to the original razor and that way you’ll have multiple options when you see razor refills on sale.

Water Filters - If your refrigerator comes equipped with a water filtration system like mine, don’t get sucked into buying a replacement from the store where you originally bought the appliance. Instead search for the item on or through online retailers like I found the same product online for almost half the price.

Cleaning Supplies - To avoid having to pay for refills of specific cleaning supplies just stick to the basics. Trendy products like the Swiffer or the Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner may seem great until you’re on empty. Then you’re caught in the cycle of having to buy a very specific refill and you’ll probably be forced to pay more for it than you’d like to.

By Alison Storm

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