Five Great Financial Books to Add to Your Library

Posted on 04/27/2011

Books are a great way to get information and inspiration—especially when it comes to personal finances. Need some ideas for new reads? Here are five great financial books to add to your home or digital library.

The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey - Dave Ramsey's bestselling book is the financial plan just about every household in America can benefit from. The Total Money Makeover offers practical steps for getting out of debt, creating an emergency fund, and preparing for the future. Dave Ramsey credits the book's success to the fact that it's simple and gets to the heart of money problems.

Smart is the New Rich by Christine Romans - Christine Romans is a veteran money reporter for CNN. She covered the consumer bubble's growth and its bust, seeing firsthand the need for retro financial rules to come back in style. In Smart is the New Rich, Romans tackles topics that tend to be dull (like debt, mortgages and investing) with flare. She explains why living within our means and taking on less debt needs to be the new norm.

Generation Earn by Kimberly Palmer - What should I do with my savings? Where should I invest my money? Can I afford a baby? These are the types of questions author Kimberly Palmer tackles in her book Generation Earn. It's a great guide for young adults on how to handle life with financial savvy.

Your Money and Your Life by Mark Ashe - Mark Ashe was a broke police officer without much education. He started using encounters with wealthy businessmen as opportunities to learn how to be wealthy. He read the books they suggested and developed knowledge in personal finance. Eventually he became a financially independent business owner. Ashe shares his 13 guiding principles for financial freedom in his book Your Money and Your Life.

The Money Class by Suze Orman - The American Dream may be a lie according to author Suze Orman. She says it's time for us to create a new American dream, one that doesn't require debt in order to survive. In The Money Class, Orman addresses every part of the American Dream: home, family, career and retirement. She aims to provide education and peace of mind.

By Alison Storm

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