Twitter and Facebook Poll: How Do You Stay Motivated to Stick to Your Budget?

Posted on 03/10/2011

We all need extra motivation at times… especially when it comes to sticking to the budget. And who can blame us? Temptation is constantly pulling at our pocketbooks. So we decided to find out how you stay motivated to stick to your budget by and here are the answers you gave us on Twitter and Facebook.

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Julian Loue: I set real and immediate goals to maintain a sense of accomplishment. Plus using is a low effort way of keeping track.

Steven Jay Weisz: Simple. I pay cash whenever I can.

Nick Fisher: My girl handles the money. She always tells me I’m broke. (:

AnhDao Nguyen: I have goals on how much save want to save and also like reward if I stick to my budget I have money for a trip for me and the kids.

Tanner Bell: I withdraw a set amount of cash each week for my "fun money" that way when it's gone, it's gone! It helps to see the money you're spending, rather than always swiping a debit or credit card for every purchase.

Kris Mau Alongi: I remind myself that spending is a temporary "fix", the joy I get out of it will very soon pass. But if I save as I am supposed to, then the payoff is much bigger i.e. a vacation, a new piece of furniture, or something really fun like that.


@smartstep: I love the feeling of having extra cash in my emergency fund, over spending is not worth the stress.

@davinci1281: When you know there is no hope of more money!

@irayford: It’s the reward thyself factor. Stay within budget and you get to reward yourself later, if you don't then you suffer later.

@Fraukuech: Marrying a man with good financial habits!

@Savvyassistants: I try to only eat out 2x a week to save calories/$$ !

@Matt_SF: A budget is my way of saving $, so that any saved $ goes to making more $. For me, making $ work harder means I won't have to.

By Alison Storm

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