The Best (and Worst) Deals at Bulk Discount Stores

Posted on 03/03/2011

Bulk discount stores like Costco, BJs and Sam’s Club can be a haven for good deals. But it’s easy to get caught up in the magic of wholesale shopping and actually end up overpaying. We’re giving you a rundown of the best and worst deals at bulk discount stores.

Best Deal: Flowers - If you’re throwing a party or have a need for lots of flowers that aren’t already arranged you should definitely check out bulk discount stores. You can typically save big on cut flowers that are sold by the dozen. Online at you’ll find bulk flowers, including 100 hot pink roses for just $89.99, which is less than a buck per stem.

Worst Deal: Cereal - For avid couponers, cereal often costs just a buck or two a box. But if you buy cereal at a discount store you’ll pay around $8 for the equivalent of two boxes. So it’s easy to see this is not the best place to stock up on Kashi or Captain Crunch.

Best Deal: Wine - According to some wine bloggers, there are great wines that are simply rebranded with store names and sold at a cheaper price at wholesale stores. And you may not even need a membership to shop their wine selection. Some consumers say they’re allowed in without a membership card when they simply tell the front door attendant that they’re only buying wine. Check out for help locating the best vino under $10.

Worst Deal: Bathroom Products - It may seem worth the convenience to stock up on things like razors, shampoo and soap so that you’re avoiding regular trips to the store, but these items can be found much cheaper at pharmacies like Walgreens, Rite Aid and CVS. Often you can even score them for free if you stay on top of sales.

Worst/Best Deal: Fresh Produce - If you have a big family or are strangely addicted to oranges and can see yourself eating 20 pounds of them before they go bad, fresh produce can be a good deal. However, if your family is small and you like variety when it comes to your fruits and vegetables, head to the grocery store instead.

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