Starting a Blog: Promoting and Monetizing Your Site

Posted on 03/28/2011

Blogs. Vlogs. Hyperlinking. SEO content. If you're not blog-savvy, those terms might just make your head spin, but you can't deny the social, career, and monetary rewards that a blog can bring. Where to start? Our tips guru, Alison Storm, is here to help with a three part series on starting your own blog. Take it away, Alison!

Investing the effort into creating a blog and filling it with great content isn’t truly satisfying unless people are reading it. And if people are reading it then you may be able to turn it in to a money-making endeavor. This is the third installment of a three-part series helping you to set up your blog, generate quality content, and finally, promote and monetize it.

Set Up Social Media - Create Twitter and Facebook pages for your blog. Use these sites to interact with others interested in the topic you’re writing about. Promote new blog posts every time by sending out the link to your Twitter followers and Facebook fans.

Decide on Ads - There are many companies offering advertising opportunities for bloggers. One of the most popular is Google AdSense. By installing some code into your blog’s back-end advertisements will appear on your site. When visitors click on those ads you make money. Other advertising sites to check out are Linkworth, adBrite and Chitika.

Write and Distribute a News Release - News releases are a clear, concise way to announce the arrival of your blog. Make it interesting, keep it to one page and be sure to include your contact information. Post it for free on sites like,, and This will also help with your blog’s SEO.

Create a Conversation - A great way to keep people interested in your blog is to keep them engaged. Strike up conversations through your social media channels and through comments on your blog. And don’t just expect people to come to you—go to them by commenting on their blog posts, in forums and through social networks. When you create a conversation, hopefully you’ll start being the focus of the discussion. By generating interest eventually you’ll generate income.

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