How Lent Can Help Your Finances

Posted on 03/04/2011

For many Christians the celebration of lent begins on Ash Wednesday and runs until the Saturday before Easter. It’s a season to commemorate Jesus’ death and resurrection by praying, repenting and giving up something important to you. Letting go of a vice isn’t easy—especially when it hits your pocketbook. Since many Americans struggle with putting their faith into their paychecks, lent may actually be a great time to focus on getting your finances in order.

Commit to a Financial Fast - Before Lent begins, consider giving up something that means a lot to you that also impacts your finances. Perhaps this could be going out to eat, store-bought coffee drinks, or shopping. The purpose is to make a sacrifice so decide on something that will be difficult to live without.

Start Something New - Lent isn’t purely about abstaining from something. You can also add a positive practice to your life that will impact your spirituality and your finances. This could be starting up a household budget during lent, taking a personal finance class or reading an educational financial book. At the end of these 40 days you’ll have more knowledge and hopefully a better feeling about your finances.

Give More to Others - You could also mark lent by giving more of your resources to others. This is a way to let go of something important and also assist those in need. Your most valuable resource could be your time or it could be your money. Just keep in mind it’s not about how much you give, it’s about the size of the sacrifice.

Stay Focused - Take a weekly reality check and see how you’re doing with your goal. Don’t beat yourself up over small mistakes or missteps. Instead, refocus and remember what the purpose of your sacrifice is—to finish lent as a better person than you were at the beginning.

By Alison Storm

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