Affordable Ways to Make Your Easter Basket More Green

Posted on 03/18/2011

According to the National Confectioners Associations Easter comes on the tail of Halloween as far as the amount of money we spend on candy. It’s a multi-billion dollar holiday for retailers, but if you’re looking to eliminate some of the plastic from your Easter basket and make it more earth-friendly while still keeping costs low, here are some ideas.

Create a Recycled Basket - Let’s start with the foundation—an Easter basket. This is what gives the grass, eggs and candy a place to live during the holiday. Instead of buying one that may just end up getting tossed, try making one out of recycled materials. Decorate a shoe box, a paper bag or even the bottom half of a milk jug. And once Easter is over, take it apart and recycle it.

Switch to Paper Grass - There’s no need for plastic Easter grass. Take some colored paper, or ripped-out magazine pages and run them through your shredder. Presto—Easter grass for your basket! The paper can be recycled after the holiday.

Use Real Eggs - Eggs are a very affordable grocery store staple. Instead of paying for plastic eggs, use the real thing. Blow out the yolk and dye the shell or just hard boil them. Either way you can still eat them and even throw the leftovers in the compost pile after Easter is over.

Buy Organic Toys - Every kid loves an Easter basket stuffed full of fun surprises. Toss in some earth-friendly toys like the Cosy Chick, $13.99 from This charming chick is made by Haba, a company known for being environmentally conscious. While you’re there check out the Cuddlekin Bunny Molly. She’s 40% off and would fit so well into any Easter basket.

Choose Fair Trade Candy - Choose chocolate that you can be proud of with The Organic Fair Trade Milk Chocolate Sitting Bunny is $11.95 and even vegan-friendly. Then head to for some Easter Egg Organic Lollipops and some Organic Jelly Beans. With these organic treats you’ll add some sweetness to your Easter basket while being sweet to Mother Nature.

By Alison Storm

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