Affordable Ways to Have a Fun Spring Break at Home

Posted on 03/14/2011

If the closest you plan to get to a spring break getaway is watching it on MTV, you’re not alone. Gas prices have surged to an average of $3.55 a gallon, turning the idea of spring break into spring broke for many Americans. Oil has been trading above $100 a barrel for the last two weeks pushing airfares up as well. Jet fuel costs jumped by nearly 20 percent in January and according to a report by NPR, ticket prices have increased as much as 30 percent in recent weeks. If resting on the couch is more likely than resting on the beach this spring break, here are some affordable ways to have fun at home.

Build a Home for Someone in Need - Don’t simply spend your spring break in front of the tube. Do something unforgettable with your time and help construct a home for someone in need. Connect with a local building project in your area through Habitat for Humanity. You’ll learn some new skills, help the less fortunate and maybe even work on that spring break tan.

Go Camping - You don’t have to go to an exotic location to hunt down adventure. Chances are there’s something wild going on in your state or zip code. Get help finding it by heading to Plug in location and find the best camping spots available. Save even more money by borrowing gear from friends.

Redecorate a Room - Instead of spending hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars on spring break travel, make an investment into your surroundings. Pick a room in your home and come up with a plan for redecorating it. Get free inspiration from the Before and After gallery at Then head to a thrift store, fabric outlet and home improvement warehouse to gather affordable supplies and tools.

Knock Out Some Top Movies - Chances are you haven’t seen all of the movies on the IMDB (The Internet Movie Database) top 250 list. Knock out some of the best films of all time during your spring break vacation. Check for copies at your local library where you should find many of these hits for free.

Explore a Trail - Take some time to discover a section of the more than 30,000 miles of bike trails, walking trails, equestrian trails, and hiking trails available with the help of It’s a non-profit helping local communities convert unused railroad tracks into trails. You’ll probably be shocked at how many of these trail projects you can explore without leaving your state. It may not be the journey you were hoping to take this spring break, but at least you’ll be making the most of your time off.

By Alison Storm

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