Ways to Turn Your Search Engine into a Cash Engine

Posted on 02/18/2011

Do you know how much search engines like Google and Yahoo! earn every minute? Let’s just say it’s probably enough to buy everyone in America a steak dinner tonight. Instead of lining the pockets of those rich tech guys, try getting a piece of the pie for yourself. Here are ways to turn your search engine into a cash engine.

ZoomBucks - With ZoomBucks you can shop, complete surveys, search and more to earn points. As soon as you reach a minimum balance of 2000 points, those points can be turned into rewards. But just exactly what those rewards are isn’t revealed until you earn enough points.

Swag Bucks - According to Swagbucks.com, the site is an online portal dedicated to helping you earn digital dollars called "Swag Bucks". Once you sign up you can start earning Swag Bucks for doing normal online searches through the Swag Bucks toolbar. Those Swag Bucks can then be redeemed for exclusive Swagbucks.com merchandise and even gift cards to popular retailers like Starbucks or Amazon.

iRazoo - You can earn points instantly by searching using the iRazoo search bar. Once you get enough points you can exchange them for a variety of prizes like gift cards or MP3 players. Plus you’ll get 50 extra points for every friend you refer.

Luuux - Luuux isn’t just about searching, it’s about sharing. Every time you add, comment or rate content you earn. Since you are adding content to Luuux.com, the site wants to share some of its profits with you in the form of Luuux$, a virtual currency that can be used in the Luuux online shop. For instance, a pair of classic UGG boots costs $192 or 8,400 Luuux$.

Lockerz - Lockerz is a members-only site with more than 17 million participants. By watching videos, listening to music, answering questions and searching, members earn PTZ. Those PTZ can then be used to lower the actual price of merchandise.

Blingo - Blingo is a little bit different than the rest. Instead of earning gift cards, merchandise and discounts, you win prizes for searching. The site is brought to you by Publishers Clearing House—you’ve probably seen their commercials where the Prize Patrol shows up at someone’s home with a giant check. We can’t promise you a giant check for searching, but it’s worth a shot.

By Alison Storm

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