The Cost of Oscar Fashion

Posted on 02/17/2011

Celebrities attending the Oscars often look like a million bucks—and that could be because that’s what it cost to complete their ensembles. The red carpet rolls out on February 27 for the 83rd annual Academy Awards. Here’s a look at the funds it takes to pull off Oscar fashion. But keep in mind that celebrities that don’t fork over the dough could end up on the worst dressed list.

Stylist Fees - Rachel Zoe doesn’t come cheap. And neither does celebrity stylist Phillip Bloch. He told The Thread that stylist fees for celebs range from $1,500 to $6,000 per day. Keep in mind that’s not per event-- so getting ready for a big night like the Academy Awards could require several days of work for a stylist.

Hair and Makeup - Most women only splurge for professional hair and makeup at very special events (like, say, their wedding!) And even then they probably don’t come close to paying what actresses (and maybe some actors?) pay to get dolled up for the Academy Awards. Hair and makeup alone can cost $5,000.

The Gowns - These aren’t off-the-rack dresses. The designer gowns you see on the red carpet have typically only been worn by runway models. Prices can range from $5,000 to $15,000.

Footwear - Let’s not forget the footwear. While the dress may take up most of the spotlight, shoes are certainly important. Most celebrities wear high style, high profile shoes like Jimmy Choos or Christian Louboutins which can cost around $1,000. Or if you’re lucky enough to be Alison Krauss: $2 million. She wore Stuart Weitzmans covered in Kwiat diamonds, set in platinum back in 2004. And at that price, there isn’t even a guarantee they’ll be comfortable.

Jewelry - More than those fancy shoes, perfect nails, and one-of-a-kind dress, it’s the ice that takes the cake on the red carpet. Experts say celebs can often be spotted at the Oscars wearing earrings valued at $100,000 and rings worth millions. Celebrity stylist Phillip Bloch told The Thread that the average cost of Oscar jewelry is $750,000. So even if they don’t go home with Oscar gold, they can still wear plenty of it.

By Alison Storm

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