Springing for a Break: How to Cut Costs on Spring Travel

Posted on 02/22/2011

Does this brutal winter have you itching for a break? Whether you’re hoping for Key West or Cancun, fun can fit into your budget this spring break. Especially if you use these cost cutting travel tips.

Pack Lightly - Virtually all of the major airlines are now charging passengers for checking bags. Go with a smaller carry-on and you’ll save around $50 each way. You’re just packing swimsuits and flip flops anyway, so you probably don’t need that bulky bag.

Stick to the States - While putting another stamp in your passport over spring break sounds very cool, sticking to the states can save you money. You can carpool instead of springing for a plane ticket by going to South Padre, San Diego or Sarasota.

Find Free Accommodations - It may sound impossible to believe but there are thousands of people willing to give travelers free places to crash. Check out Stay4Free.com to score your spring break accommodations. Or visit CouchSurfing.com to find futons and sectionals available for budget-minded travelers.

Research Fees - If you decide to head out of the country, make sure you know your bank’s fee schedule for foreign transactions. You could be charged as much as $5 for taking money out of an overseas ATM, which can add up quickly during your spring break excursion.

Stick To Your Diet - Travelers tend to over-indulge on vacation. But if you stick to your diet you’ll spend less money on food and alcohol. Not only will you come home from spring break with money in your pocket, but you’ll have less junk in your trunk.

By Alison Storm

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Posted on 02.22.11 at 10:06 AM

Sticking to a diet is something I have picked up on during my travels. Go to the local grocery store and buy deli products, etc. to make sandwiches and leave them in your hotel room (if they have a fridge). That way, at least you're saving money on lunch! Another tip I would recommend is getting a phone just for your travels. I got myself a prepaid cell phone (Tracfone) which I use only for travels. I get the minutes as necessary and never have to worry about losing or breaking my expensive contract phone.

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