Cutting Costs: Services You Can Split

Posted on 02/14/2011

Shouldering the burden of expenses solo can put a heavy strain on your bank account. But a great way to save money and cut costs is by using a lesson you probably learned in kindergarten: sharing. Not sure where you can pull this off successfully? Try splitting these services.

Lawn Care - When it comes to lawn care, companies spend a lot of time driving to your home and unloading their equipment. If they can knock out two homes in one stop they may be willing to cut you a deal so you can save some green. Have a pow wow with your neighbor and see if they’re up for negotiating this deal.

Movie Subscription Services - If you want the convenience of having a constant flow of movies to watch, but don’t want to be burdened with a monthly bill try sharing the service with a neighbor or friend. It’s especially easy with the Netflix Watch Instantly feature, which can be accessed by different computers.

Cell Phone Plans - A lot of times cell phone companies offer family plans. Adding additional lines can only cost about $10 a month which may be a cheaper alternative. Weigh out your options using an unbiased source like the CellCalc at If it looks like you can save lots of money, recruit family members to split this service.

Internet - A recent USA Today article reported that one-third of people admitted to borrowing a neighbor’s Wi-Fi connection. Hopping on to a random internet connection can lead to a dangerous invasion of your own privacy, but if you know your neighbor well you may want to consider sharing this cost. It’s an especially great option for casual internet users who just want to save money.

Equipment Rental - Before you rent anything like a power washer or a pickup truck, check with your neighbors. They may have been thinking about renting the same item so by sharing the equipment you can also share the cost.

Magazine Subscriptions - Rather than subscribe to every muscle magazine our gossip glossy available, find someone with similar interests and share. Once you’re done reading the issues, swap them. Not only will you be cutting down on paper waste, but you’ll be saving yourself some cash too.

By Alison Storm

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Posted on 02.14.11 at 10:16 AM

I'm pretty sure sharing a Netflix subscription between multiple households is a violation of its Terms of Service.

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