Twitter and Facebook Poll: What are You Most Dreading Paying More For This Year?

Posted on 01/21/2011

Gas, food, insurance—there isn’t much that experts say won’t cost us more in 2011. So that’s why we polled you through Facebook and Twitter to find out what you’re most dreading paying more for this year. Looks like plenty of you plan to be reaching into your pocketbooks and pulling out bigger fistfuls of cash.

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Jack Knipe: Health care. A new year means a new $3000.00 deductible that I cannot afford. :(

Susan Harris Pottberg: I agree with Jack - then add my power bill to the list.

Joel Fitch: Paying more for something, but NOT dreading it...A WEDDING!!!!!!
Stephanie Storm-Robertson: Taxes. I got married last year and that seems to have caused a bigger tax bill! Ugh!

Patricia McCorkle Crandall: I've already been notified that my "Duke Energy" bill is going up $35. per month. I also dread the rising cost of food and gasoline.

Jennifer Bell: Car maintenance or replacement.

Teri Schneiderman March: Daycare.

Leah Book: Health Insurance, my husband’s company doesn't offer it and man it’s expensive!

Rhiannon Wells: Health Insurance. [My husband] Raul's premiums just went WAY up, and we're still paying for bills from last year!


@MishelleyA: I'm dreading paying more for gas this year. Heard on the news this morning it might get up to $4.00 a gallon. Yikes! :)

@News3David: health insurance and gas. Particularly health insurance. Continues to cost more, while seeming to cover less.

@murphster47: coffee seems to keep increasing.

By Alison Storm

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