New Year New You: Low Cost Ways to Achieve Popular Resolutions

Posted on 12/28/2010

Ready to make 2011 your year? Whether your goal is to shed some weight or gain some wealth, there are low cost ways to achieve almost every popular resolution. Here’s to a new year and a new you.

Resolution: Lose Weight - Why not learn to lose weight from people who have done it themselves? Phil and Amy Parham lost a combined 256 pounds on The Biggest Loser and now the couple is helping others to shed pounds through their online community at For $14.95 a month you’ll get help establishing personalized goals and access to interactive tools.

Resolution: Save More Money - If you’ve got a financial goal for 2011, goalgami can help. It’s a free, web-based software program that helps people assess their financial situation, set goals and stay on track. Goalgami will help you create a balance sheet so that you can see how to meet your goals and track your progress throughout the year.

Resolution: Stop Smoking - Want to kick the habit in 2011? Get free help from Instead of fighting a war, you’ll see the path towards becoming smoke free as a series of small, easy-to-win battles. You can also get help by making a free call to the National Cancer Institute’s Quitline by calling 1-877-448-7848.

Resolution: Run a Marathon - Plenty of people are running marathons so there’s no reason why you can’t achieve this goal in 2011. Use a free online training program like this one for novices to help you work your way towards the finish line. If you’re more advanced than a novice, check out the free programs available from

Resolution: Drink More Water - Creating a habit requires repetition. So track your water intake with a snazzy online tool like the one found at It’s free and it will help you analyze your activity and improvement. Me-trics isn’t just for water drinking. It can help you track and achieve any goal you have in mind for 2011.

By Alison Storm

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