How to Get What You Really Want this Holiday

Posted on 12/03/2010

When you were little you had no problem telling your mom, the mailman and anyone who would listen what you wanted Santa to leave under the Christmas tree. Now that you’re older subtly seems to be more appreciated. Worried your loved ones won’t know what to get you? Give them some hints and you’ll end up getting what you really want this holiday.

Leave Social Media Clues - Besides telling your friends and followers what you ate for lunch or how cute your dog is, let them know what you’re hoping to get for Christmas. Include a link straight to the item of choice and hope that the people you really want to receive this message get the hint.

Plant Photos or Catalogs - Has the item you want been featured in a magazine? Or would you be happy with anything from the entire J. Crew winter collection? Leave photos or catalogs strategically placed so your loved one has easy access. Want to take it a step further? Circle the item with a black marker.

Draw Attention to It - Plan a shopping trip with the person you’re trying to influence. Conveniently pass by the item you covet and show extreme enthusiasm for how great you think it would be to own it. It doesn’t need to be an Oscar-worthy performance to get the point across.

Be Overheard - With your loved one within earshot, tell the person on the other end of the phone—whether it’s your best friend or a telemarketer-- what you’d love to get for Christmas. Your loved one may be too polite to listen in, or they may welcome the insider information.

Give the Job to Someone Else - Trying to get your mom to know you want an iPad for Christmas? Tell your sister what you want and have her tactfully spread the word. Want your spouse to find out you’re hoping for a professional massage? Spread the word to a friend and ask them to plant the seed. No one has to know this insider tip originated with you.

By Alison Storm

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