Twitter and Facebook Poll: How Much Will You Spend on Thanksgiving Dinner?

Posted on 11/11/2010

Statistics show that lots of people are changing their Thanksgiving plans due to economic reasons. The United States First Command Financial Services says 40 percent of families are doing things a little differently this year. Most people say they’re scaling back on the number of guests they’ll invite and many plan to keep it a family affair.

The American Farm Bureau Federation said in 2009 that the average cost of a 16 pound turkey was $18.65 and the average spent on the entire meal for ten people was $42.91. But according to those of you who responded to our Twitter and Facebook poll, you’ll fork over much more cash than that to make your Thanksgiving dinner.


Darren Whitehead: I'm eating alone this year so probably about 80 bucks.

Lester-rachel Burgess: Anywhere from $40-$60 depending on how many people I'm feeding.

Patricia Crandall: It's usually all organic so it is a little more expensive. Around $150 for 10 people.

Sarah Giffin: Hundreds and hundreds-- all organic, local where possible (turkey).

AnhDao Nguyen: I spend a ton I spend at least $100 and it’s for like 8 people.

Sarah Ullrich Leigland: ‎$75-85 for 5.

Karyn Powell: Time: At least 10 hours in the kitchen. Money: Between $45-$50

Susan Harris Pottberg: Personally, about $100 bucks. But at Miracle Hill we will serve the homeless and hungry in the community, FREE.

Toni Coleman Auston: Probably not that much the way I'm feeling right this moment. But I have in the past I've spent as much as $250 or more. That was cooking for more than 20 people (including friends).

Stephanie Storm-Robertson: Probably around $80-100, but it will feed us for several days! We like leftovers!


NascarIntern24: We will spend about $300 give or take… we go all out.

slkeeth:About $100, I'm ordering it premade from grocery store.

shecodes: I heard on the radio today that the cost of turkey has gone up, and that Thanksgiving dinner these days is $4.50 a head.

TVAmy: LOTS because I plan to let someone else cook it ;)

By Alison Storm

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