The Biggest Black Friday Shopping Myths

Posted on 11/10/2010

There’s no doubt that Black Friday can be an incredible day for scoring amazing deals. But there is still some bad information floating around about Black Friday. We’re clearing up the biggest Black Friday shopping myths.

Myth: Black Friday is the Biggest Shopping Day of the Year - It may be the most hyped, but Black Friday actually isn’t the busiest shopping day of the year. That honor is reserved for the Saturday before Christmas when procrastinators hit the stores in droves.

Myth: Scoring Deals Requires Waiting in a Long Line - Every year TV news outlets love showing video of shopping die-hards waiting in freezing temperatures in order to score deals. But the truth is, you don’t have to wait in line to score the best deals. Experts say many of the deals found in the store on Black Friday are also online. That means instead of braving the cold weather you can shop from the comfort of home.

Myth: Black Friday Sales are Reserved for After Thanksgiving - Even though technically Black Friday falls on the day after Thanksgiving, the sales can start much earlier. More and more retailers are creeping up their deepest discounts to the days before Thanksgiving.

Myth: All Deals Sell Out Fast - Back in the day, a toy store might advertise $5 Cabbage Patch Kids in order to draw in crowds. Shoppers would show up in full force only to find out there were two dolls available. Most stores now advertise the number of door buster items they can guarantee will be in stock at every location. They’ll also typically have some of the items available online. And just keep in mind that if you don’t score the bargain this time, there will surely be one around the corner to replace it.

Myth: Black Friday is Always the Best Day to Score Deals - Even though there are plenty of Black Friday bargains, you may actually find better deals at other times of year for certain items. For instance, TVs may be marked down more during Super Bowl time and prices on computers are often slashed during back-to-school shopping.

By Alison Storm

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