Black Friday 2010 Trends

Posted on 11/15/2010

Just as there are hot trends in fashion (think jeggings, scarves and ankle boots) there are popular trends with Black Friday. Wondering what’s expected to fly off the shelves and what may be headed to the clearance bin? Here are some tips for Black Friday 2010 trends.

Black Friday Comes Early - This year retailers are restless. Most aren’t waiting until Black Friday to kick off the Christmas shopping season. The National Retail Federation says that nearly 80 percent of online retailers started holiday promotions during the first week of November, proving that this year the Black Friday trend is to turn this day into a month-long shopping extravaganza.

Practical is Cool - Despite what that little kid on the Toyota Highlander commercials might want you to think, practical is actually quite cool. Experts are predicting that many shoppers will be looking for useful gifts that fall into the “need” category rather than the “want” list. However, just because shoppers may want a practical gift doesn’t mean they’ll automatically be putting socks and underwear under the Christmas tree. They may be looking for things like cell phones, sporting goods and shoes.

iPads Will Rock - Moms, grandpas, college kids—just about everyone will be putting an iPad on their Christmas wish list this year. This Apple gadget is expected to fly off shelves on Black Friday, too since some shoppers might be worried that if they wait, iPads will be sold out. Other popular gadgets at retailers like Best Buy and Target are expected to be smartphones and e-readers.

Active Video Games - It used to be your thumbs were the only thing to get a workout when playing video games, but this Black Friday active video game systems are building excitement. Systems like the Kinect motion-guided gaming system, the PlayStation Move and Guitar Hero 4 are all predicted to sell well.

By Alison Storm

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