Twitter and Facebook Poll: What’s Been Your Best Frugal Halloween Costume?

Posted on 10/14/2010

Halloween is a fun holiday and, according to you, it doesn’t have to be expensive. We wanted to know about your best frugal Halloween costume and plenty of you proved you’re very creative when it comes to dressing up.


Gil Gerretsen: I got a little white face, a light bulb, pulled out an old gray overcoat ... and tada ... Uncle Fester (Addams Family).

Susan Harris Pottberg: Wrapped myself in tin foil shaped like a Hershey Kiss.

Patricia Crandall: From the OLD Saturday Night Live Shows-The Cone Heads. Made a cone out of newspaper. Wrapped it generously with ace bandages from the top until it blended into my head and neck. I was also a hanging plant. I wore a clothes basket around my middle, filled with fake flowers. Hangers made from wire clothes hangers. Died long underwear dark green for the top and dark brown for the bottom.

Kelly Pascale Lester: Two years ago, we were Sarah Palin & John McCain. Already had the (short) skirt suit, men’s suit, high heels & men’s shoes. At the dollar store, we found -- eye glasses for Sarah(took lens out), couple mini U.S. flags, Republican buttons for our suit jackets, and found a plunger, which I wrote in Sharpie marker "Joe the Plumber" to carry. Used safe adhesive to put cotton balls on "John McCain's" head and viola..... We were running for office! And we wrote "Maverick" on [my husband’s] undershirt - made for great pictures!

MaryGrace Godfrey: Refrigerator. Kind of difficult to wear all night but cost me $5 total :)

Christin O'Bryan: One of the best ones I've seen was a "pair of blue Genes." Two of my friends painted the name "Gene" on two blue shirts, donned the shirts with blue jeans, and spray-painted their hair, faces and arms blue. I'm guessing it cost about $10 for the spray paint and shirts, but I'm sure the health costs of spray painting your skin are a little steep :)

Matthew Hoyle: I have been the guy in shower (like in the Karate Kid) a big hit

Lester-Rachel Burgess: A caveman outfit. I made it myself, materials cost me about $20 but took me a month to make.

Stephanie Storm-Robertson: I was a pink flamingo - Mom made it and I had to wear it in a church pageant and for Halloween for 3 years in a row. Then I outgrew it! Not sure of the cost.


@1of5Hawks: best frugal costume was a housewife: Robe, pink foam curlers, face cream and a coffee mug--> loved it ~ easy too! Enjoy!

@JaqMcW: The 4 seasons - complete with homemade tutus, leaves, snowflakes, seashells, pastel flowers & lots of glitter.

@BandannaBabe: Hey, it COULD be just a few of our bandannas. Scary, huh? :)

@Matt_SF: Drunken college student... cost me a 12 pack. : )

By Alison Storm

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