Twitter and Facebook Poll: How Much Holiday Shopping Will you Do Online?

Posted on 10/26/2010

Online shopping isn’t just a great way to kill time during your coffee break. Looks like lots of you plan to do a chunk of your holiday shopping on the web. We used Facebook and Twitter to find out who will be braving the crowds for Christmas gifts and who will knock off their shopping list from the comfort of a computer.

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Kelley Price Smith: Very little. I love to shop so multiple trips to the mall (a.k.a. my office), target, etc are fine with me!

Jordana Megonigal: All of it! I was SO pregnant last year at Christmas that I did it ALL online (except for the kids...that's just FUN!) I had everything self ship and just wrapped stuff as it came in. AND I got the best bargains because anytime I liked something I'd search for it online, find the cheapest price, then look for coupon codes for that was the BEST decision I've ever made regarding the holidays!! :)

Patricia Crandall: ‎90%

Stephanie Storm-Robertson: ‎70% -80% I only go into the stores when the sales are SUPER GOOD. Otherwise I will shop from the comfort of my home. One of the big factors is the no sales tax (sales tax is 10% here!) and free shipping - I end up saving money...and the time I save makes it a double bonus!

Terry Buxton Sadowski: As a retailer, I find this trend very disturbing. Online shopping takes tax dollars away from Greenville, or your local town, which eventually effects the services and quality of life the city can provide. Also, if you don't support your local businesses and shops, these independent entrepreneurs will not survive. Would you like to see a downtown with NO locally-owned shops and restaurants?

Kayla Rae Howard: none

Sarah Ullrich Leigland: about 40%. We have WAY too many people to buy for and only one set of friends close to us. (so we ship everything) I'll hit Toys R Us online when they have their sales and free shipping.

Rusty Stafford: The majority of my list, especially if free shipping is involved.


@allisonAllioppe: probably none... I bought all of my gifts at locally-owned stores last year. I'm going to attempt that again this year too!

@TerrificTweets: 90% of my Christmas shopping is online

@PerformaGuy: Internet for only those items I can't find locally... no more than 20% of budget. The closer to home you spend, the more impact.

@DanielleJewelry: I do at least 80% of my holiday shopping online.

@JoshKuhn: 95-100% here

By Alison Storm

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