Ten Cheap Ways to Make Your Halloween Party Scarier

Posted on 10/15/2010

Friendly ghosts and goofy costumes not your thing? For some, Halloween really is about all things spooky. If you see October 31 as your one chance a year to scare the bejeebers out of your loved ones, here are ten cheap ways to make your Halloween party scarier.

Welcome Guests with a Ghost - Using simple supplies like tattered fabric, a pumpkin and a string of lights, you can greet guests with a spooky ghost. Get the step-by-step instructions from MarthaStewart.com.

Use Red Light Bulbs - When light is required, make it red to up the creepiness factor. Home Depot carries red bulbs. Just swap out a few normal lights for these.

Strategically Place Spider Webs - Spider webs are a low cost prop for your party. Don’t just put them in the corners. Place them in locations where guests will have to pass through them. Dangle spiders from the ceilings of dark rooms so guests may randomly encounter them throughout the evening.

Hang Fabric - There’s nothing scarier than not knowing what awaits you around the corner. Hang dark curtains or sheets from doorways so guests are always wondering what they’re about to encounter.

Play Spooky Tunes - Music is a great way to set the mood. Pick up a CD of spooky tunes, screams and noises for less than $10 on Amazon.com.

Dim the Lights - A cheap way to make the mood creepier is simply by killing the lights. Pick up some low cost spot lights to cast sharp shadows in the corners, otherwise keep it dim. This LED wireless lamp from West Marine is just $14.99.

Make Styrofoam Tombstones - Pick up a large sheet of Styrofoam from a craft or home improvement store. Using an Exact-o knife, cut out several tombstones. Spray paint them gray and write names of guests on them with black permanent marker.

Use a Fog Machine - Rent a fog machine or purchase a low-cost one from Buy.com. For less than $50 you’ll create a haunted haze in your home.

Break Out the Black Spray Paint - Use black spray paint to create creepy décor. Spray branches, pumpkins and even flowers to design centerpieces and arrangements with a dark side.

Recruit Volunteers - Recruit some neighborhood teens to show up part way through the party dressed like Jason from the Friday the 13th movies or the character from Scream. Have them pound on windows or jump out from dark corners. Guests won’t be expecting it so the shock will be even scarier.

By Alison Storm

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