How to Find Seasonal Work Now

Posted on 10/21/2010

Want to pick up some extra work over the holidays? Start applying now, according to experts. There may be fewer seasonal jobs available this year, which means the sooner you can get your applications, in the more likely you’ll be to get hired. Here are some resources for finding seasonal work now. - Looking for a job at a ski resort this winter? Tourism thrives at different times of the year depending on the location. Check out for seasonal job offerings that you can search for by season or by state. - It’s one of the best resources for finding part-time work. has a long list of seasonal jobs ranging from restaurant staff to warehouse jobs. - Like spending time at the mall? Get a holiday retail job. Check out for a long list of opportunities. We found seasonal jobs at stores like Macy’s, Ann Taylor and Kmart. - Interested in holiday jobs at places like Target, McDonald’s and Home Depot? Check out You have to fill out a short application in order to see what’s available.

Labor Ready - If you’re interested in job where you can get paid at the end of a shift, check out Seasonal warehouse, transportation and event jobs are available through Labor Ready.

Some Tips for Landing the Job:
• Don’t be picky about your schedule. The more flexible you are about what hours you can work the more likely you are to get hired. And definitely be prepared to work on holidays. That’s when managers are likely to need you most.
• Show a passion for the product. Even if it’s a store you don’t normally frequent, let your potential boss know you’re excited about the opportunity.
• Smile and look professional. You may not think of this part-time position as your ticket to long term success, but that doesn’t mean you should prepare any less.

By Alison Storm

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