Financial Compatibility: Money Questions to Ask Your Date

Posted on 10/06/2010

Wedding vows are quite blatant when it comes to money. You’re committing to stick it out whether you’re richer or poorer. But all too often financial troubles can lead to relationship troubles. That’s why experts say it’s important to find out if you’re financially compatible before saying “I do.” Asking your date for a copy of their credit report may not go over well, but here are five money questions that are a little easier to ask.

What Did Your Parents Teach You About Money?
Our parents can have quite a bit of influence on the way we think about and handle money. By asking your date what their parents taught them about money you’ll have a better idea of what their financial foundations look like.

What Was Your First Job?
Some people are hard workers and others are not. Was your date’s first job bailing hay for a summer or scooping ice cream after school? This could be a good indication that they’re not afraid of hard work and understand the importance of a steady paycheck.

If You Won a Million Dollars, What Would You Do With the Money?
While it’s not quite as personal as asking them what their credit score is or how much debt they’ve racked up, you’ll definitely learn a lot about your date. Everyone likes to dream of how they would spend lottery winnings or a sudden windfall. You might get a clue about how generous they are, if they’re a saver or if they just prefer to spend, spend, spend.

What Was the Last Thing You Splurged On?
They may have just spent a wad of cash on a new iPad yesterday, or it may have been a special trip they spent months saving for—either way you’ll get some big clues into their financial behaviors with this question. You’ll find out what’s important to them and if they’re used to indulging on big ticket items.

Where Do You See Yourself in Five or Ten Years?
Not only will this question tell you whether the person is a planner or not, you’ll also learn what’s in store if you stay together. Are they planning to earn an advanced degree (which could cost a lot of money) or are they expecting a big promotion (which could mean a bigger paycheck.) Find out what your financial future looks like if you were to stay together.

By Alison Storm

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