Twitter and Facebook Poll: When Will You Start Your Holiday Shopping?

Posted on 09/23/2010

We’re still several weeks away from the holidays, but that’s not stopping many of you from getting a jump start on your gift buying. We polled you on Facebook and Twitter to ask, when will you start your holiday shopping? What we discovered? Many of you already have.


@sarahzcordell: I start planning way b4 I start shopping! Despite my best intentions, shopping usually starts in Dec.

@lkrainey: already started

@carrieduvall: I already have the majority of [my son’s] stuff purchased. One or two more things to buy : )

@nakedblu: will start holiday shopping in November. Maybe at the very end of October, but it's unlikely.

@russelldunkin: when it's actually "the holidays"....

@TERRIFIC_SAYS: I Have Started My Christmas Shopping

@weffywells: usually end of October.

@AmberBalanced: Haven't bought, but I'm making my list! ...And checking it twice! :)

@TheActiveVoice: Haven't purchased anything, but have started looking online for ideas. Plan to start buying gifts soon.


Kris Mau Alongi: Already started, in June.

Tom Urban: I don't holiday shop. I Christmas shop.

Karen Bourne: have done some already

Jason Robertson: For my wife, 1 Nov. For everyone else, 18 December.

Tiffany Anne Kuechenmeister: I don't have a definite date, but I've already started making my list.

Sarah Ullrich Leigland: Start of Nov and done by Black Friday for everyone except my own children.

Jan Johannsen Turbes: I've already picked up a few things when they were on sale....but for the majority it will be black Friday.

By Alison Storm

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