How Your Next Door Neighbor Could Help You Save Money

Posted on 09/20/2010

You share a zip code and a property line, but you and your neighbors could share a whole lot more. The people living around you may be the key to reducing expenses. Here are some ways your next door neighbor could help you save money.

Help During Vacations - When you go out of town, you probably have to pay a kennel to care for your dog or hire someone to water your plants. Consider asking a neighbor for a little free help so you can reduce vacation expenses. Of course, you’ll have to return the favor when they leave town.

Joint Internet - The joy of wireless Internet is that you may be able to share this expense with your neighbor. Consider offering up your wireless code so they can have online access. Instead of paying a provider, they’ll just split the cost by giving you some money each month.

Dinner Swap - Preparing dinner each night not only takes time, but it costs money. Try dividing the effort and the grocery list with your neighbor. One night a week simply double your recipe and give half the meal to your neighbor. They’ll do the same which will give you a free evening and free food.

Free Entertainment - Skip the movie theater and get together with your neighbor instead. Organize a game night or watch a DVD together. You’ll save money and develop a friendship.

Sharing Tools - The next time you need a tool, head to your neighbor’s house rather than the home improvement store. Establish a sharing policy so that you both feel comfortable borrowing and sharing tools. Avoid any problems by returning items promptly in the same condition.

Splitting Services - Whether it’s yard work, pressure washing or plumbing, you can save money by joining forces with your neighbor. Negotiate lower rates with landscape companies or a handyman by combining your work load with your neighbor’s. The workmen will be able to knock out two jobs more quickly which should translate into savings for you.

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