How to Save Money Renting Things You Thought You Had to Buy

Posted on 09/13/2010

Have you ever bought something you had to have, only to fall out of love with it right away? Sometimes buying isn’t the most economical decision. And for that reason there are lots of companies offering an alternative. Things you probably thought you had to buy are now available for rent.

Recreational Gear - Need a violin for a day? It’s yours for $20. Want to try out a recumbent tricycle? Ride your heart out for $30 a day. Rather than investing in something you may not end up liking anyway why not rent it from Registration on the site is free, and there are lots of items to choose from.

Dogs - Since dogs are supposed to be man’s best friend it’s hard to imagine renting them. But a short time with a well-behaved four-legged pup can offer great therapy for those who can’t have a dog full-time. That’s the idea behind They offer shared pet ownership where members can spend just a few hours or several days with a canine.

Bikes - A bicycle can be expensive and, if you live in an apartment, tough to store. If you’re lucky enough to live in Washington DC, you have access to For an annual fee of $40 you can rent a bike at any time. Use it to run errands, get some exercise or just enjoy a nice day.

Solar Panels - Solar electricity is a great way to go green, but it can also cost a lot of green too. If investing in solar panels isn’t in your budget, check out the Citizenre REnU program. The company pays for, installs, owns and operates the solar panels while the homeowner pays a monthly rental fee. The company says the money you save on your energy bills will cover the rental fee, plus it could put extra money back in your pocket.

Designer Bags - Can’t quite swing the price tag on that Chanel bag? You might be able to afford renting it from You’ll have access to the hottest handbags, accessories and jewelry at a deep discount.

Designer Clothing - Need more than a trendy bag? Why not rent a high-fashion wardrobe too? Websites like and let you borrow fabulous designer clothes at a fraction of the retail price. Never worry about whether that pricey dress will fit in a few years—just rent a new one.

By Alison Storm

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