Finding Low-Cost Halloween Costumes at Thrift Stores

Posted on 09/30/2010

Need a Halloween costume? Skip the expensive costume shop or picked-over chain store. Instead, corral some creativity and head to your local thrift store. Thrift stores can be the ideal place for finding low-cost Halloween costumes. Here are some ideas to get those creative costume juices flowing.

Farmer - Hit the men’s clothing section and find some denim overalls—the more worn the better. You’ll also need a plaid flannel shirt and some work boots to complete the farmer costume. Swing by the accessories area and see if you can find an old cowboy hat.

1980’s Prom Queen - Head to the rack of dresses and find something that stepped out of the 1980s. For this costume the puffier the sleeves, the better. Make yourself a prom queen sash, pick up a plastic crown and practice your fanciest wave.

Curtains - Take a cue from the fabulous Carol Burnett and make a dress out of curtains. Dig around the thrift store for the ugliest window dressings you can find, insert a curtain rod and position it over your shoulders.

Grandma or Grandpa - Finding a stereotypical grandma or grandpa getup shouldn’t be tough at the thrift store. There may even be a nice selection of canes or walkers to complete the costume.

Work of Art - Check out the collection of artwork at the thrift store. You may be lucky enough to find a great framed piece that can be transformed into a costume with a little help from a pair of scissors. Just make sure you’re not destroying anything that’s valuable.

Scarecrow - Basic baggy clothing with straw popping out the sleeves and chest makes a great scarecrow outfit. Sew some patches onto the knees of your pants or the elbows of your shirt. Try to find a floppy hat at the thrift store as well.

Bride - Believe it or not, some wedding dresses end up in the thrift store. Try to locate a lacy number to become a bride for the night. You could even add some fake blood and dark eye makeup to become a zombie bride if you like a costume with a dark side. And most thrift stores have a nice collection of dusty fake flowers that would make a fabulous bridal bouquet.

By Alison Storm

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