Cheap Halloween Costumes Hiding in Your Closet

Posted on 09/29/2010

So you want to dress up for Halloween, but you don’t want to fork out any cash? No problem! Show off your silly (or spooky) side with these cheap Halloween costumes that are likely hiding in your closet.

Secret Service - Pull out a dark suit and throw on some shades to become a member of the secret service. You’ll also need to wear an earpiece with the cord tucked into your collar (Use a bluetooth headset with an old coiled telephone taped to it!). And don’t forget to stand with your arms crossed.

1980s Rock Star - Chances are you’ve got some neon, leggings or stone washed jeans you can throw on. Tease your bangs, put on tons of makeup and pop in a piece of gum. Be sure to include phrases like “gag me with a spoon” and “like, totally” into your conversations.

News Reporter - A business suit, notebook and a pen make this costume work. Spend the night asking friends and family members lots of tough questions.

Mummy - This is an oldie but a goodie. Dress in black and enlist a friend to wrap you in toilet paper. You’ll need lots of it.

Workout Fanatic - You’ve probably got some workout clothes in that closet somewhere. Lace up your tennis shoes and throw on a sweat band to complete the look.

American Idol Contestant - Grab the trendiest outfit you own in your closet to become an American Idol contestant. Get crafty and make a microphone (or buy one for $1.99).

Greek God/Goddess - You won’t even have to raid your wardrobe for this costume. Instead head to the linen closet for a spare bed sheet. Tie two corners together at one shoulder and create a crown out of fake ivy. Cinch your toga with a rope or leather belt around your waist.

Nerd - We’re not implying that you own any dorky clothing, but you may have enough to pull off the look. Button your shirt up all the way to the neck, throw some pens in your pocket and make sure to hike your pants up just a little too high. Wrap some tape around the nose of a pair of glasses and suddenly you’re a nerd.

Tourist - You’ve probably been one of these before, just not for Halloween. Wear an “I Love NY” t-shirt with shorts and tennis shoes. Accessorize with a map, fanny pack and a camera.

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