Aspiring Authors: Low-Cost Publishing Options for Your Book

Posted on 09/09/2010

According to the website, the third most popular goal in the world is to write a book. If you’re one of those aspiring authors, what are you waiting for? Publishing your book is no longer a fairytale. Here are some low-cost publishing options for getting your book in print. - For a few hundred bucks, will help you get your book off your hard drive and into the hands of readers. With Lulu, you’re not just the author, but you’re the publisher too. You make format and design decisions. You can add extra services like marketing and distribution for an additional fee, but if you’re looking for an easy way to see your name in print, this could be it.

Ink Swift - If you’re looking for a little more expert assistance with your publishing project, check out Packages start at $995 and your cover will be designed by a real professional following a one-on-one consultation. You’ll also score 25 free copies and a 50% discount on reorders. For an extra investment you can add features like an author website, press releases and even a professionally produced book trailer.

Xlibris - Xlibris dubs themselves as one of the pioneers of print-on-demand publishing. If you don’t care about having hard copies you can hold, check out the e-publishing package which runs $449. And for the month of September, when you publish one book you can publish the second for $1. Don’t have two books to publish? Then you can simply take 25% off the regular price.

Xulon Press - The original print-on-demand self publisher for Christian authors, Xulon Press offers four publishing packages. The “Basic” package starts at just $799, but does not include any marketing or distribution. With that package you’ll get one free copy and big discounts if you’d like to purchase more.

AuthorHouse - AuthorHouse could fill a library with the number of books they’ve published—more than 60,000 since they started 14 years ago. Publishing packages for typical paperbacks and hardcovers start at $599, but you can put your poetry in print for as little as $399. Snag a free copy of their publishing guide by filling out this online form. And soon you’ll be on your way to publishing your future bestseller.

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