Twitter and Facebook Poll: What's Been Your Biggest Waste of Money?

Posted on 08/09/2010

Just about everyone has paid stupid tax at some point in their lives. We’ve been sucked in by the latest gadget, persuaded by late-night infomercials, or rushed into a hasty purchase that turned out to be nothing but a waste of hard earned money. We wondered, what’s been your biggest waste of money? Here are the answers we received on Facebook and Twitter.


@MarcoSuarez: Designer jeans. They look great but fall apart in a few months.

@MavenOfSavin: A big waste of money for me is my Dunkin Donuts iced tea habit - should make my own, but something about the cup/ice

@FrauKuech: Not paying off my credit cards right away. That used to be an issue for me and I cringe to think of how much money I threw away!

@susellwrites: I joined the community pool 2 yrs ago, and we ended up not going that often, so now we pay as we go... Sometimes it is cheaper.

@moneyhighway: Buying a 3.2MP digital camera in 2001 for $900!!! Now my phone takes better pictures.

@lkrainey: Cart full of items I REALLY DON'T NEED from the #clearance section at #walmart!

@Aerocles: Bottled Water. It's only b/c NJ Tap tastes like chemicals and dirt, even with a Brita or Pur filter...

@deliverawaydebt: My house. [It went] down in value. Plus taking a second mortgage out to pay down debt was stupid. So, it has been my worst purchase.

@MattJabs: Buying a house in 2007. :)


Michelle Inafuku: Flying to Hawaii 5 times this past year. LOL

Dan Bowens: Bought a car for 5 grand without checking it out first... it dies about a month later and I had to get another.

Kim Steele Rhodes: Moon sand!

Marie Keller Ploof: A used Infiniti G20. Two motors and transmission. Took it to Carmax to sell it they said they'd give $5 for it!! BIGGEST waste of money ever!

Stephanie Storm-Robertson: ‎"Permanent" hair removal - It grew back!

Regan Robertson: A brand New AC for the RV. It was $1,500 and I am sitting here sweating my butt off.

By Alison Storm

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assa massa

Posted on 08.09.10 at 10:08 AM

Call em bongs or call em water pipes, when you drop $300+ on a bong only to have one of your stoner friends drop it and blame you in the process you can't help but feel like a damn fool.

Personally, the same friend has broken about $1000 worth of paraphernalia since I've known him.

Had to stop hanging around with the kid...I literally could not afford to let him in my home.


Posted on 08.11.10 at 12:18 PM

i think that my kid is going to love school this year but she's not a morning eater like me

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