Ten Free Things to Do This Weekend

Posted on 08/12/2010

Summer is winding down but the weekend is gearing up. This is your time to relax and let go of stress. If you’re looking for some fun activities that won’t cost you big money, here’s our list of ten free things to do this weekend.

Celebrate Friday the 13th - It’s the only Friday the 13th of 2010, so don’t let it pass without taking in some scary movies. Head to your local library’s website and search for some spooky titles that you can rent for free. Your library is bound to have some Hitchcock films like “Dial M for Murder” or “Rear Window” which is especially appropriate since August 13 is also the famed filmmaker’s birthday. Hitchcock would have been 111 years old.

Watch the Stars - You should still be able to take in the Perseid meteor shower this weekend. Find a spot away from city lights to take in this free show. For more meteor shower viewing tips visit stardate.org.

Sleep - You know you need more of it, so why not take part in one of the most satisfying of free activities: sleeping. Let yourself hit the hay early and don’t bother setting the alarm clock. This is your time to sleep.

Honor Veterans - This weekend marks the anniversary of the day that World War II ended. Celebrate with some local veterans. There are likely various free events in your community marking this special day.

Go to Garage Sales - Saturday is National Garage Sale Day. Usually, you have to pay for things at garage sales, but if you show up towards the end, you may be surprised by what you can score for free. Think of it as a treasure hunting adventure and leave your money at home.

Visit Open Houses - It’s always good to stay educated about the real estate market in your neighborhood. A great way to do this is by visiting open houses. Look for signs lining nearby streets and stop in for a look. You’ll have a better idea of how home values are sitting and you may get some inspiration for projects to complete at your house.

Read Books and Magazines - Most of us have a stack of reading materials we never seem to have time to enjoy. Set aside some of your weekend hours to sit back, relax, and read. Flip through magazines or get lost in the pages of a great novel.

Get Some Exercise - Head to your local Frisbee golf course for a free round. Strap on some running shoes and go for a jog. Grab a basketball and head to the court to shoot hoops. Either way you won’t be spending money and you’ll be getting a great workout.

Try Something New - Always wanted to learn yoga, origami or Spanish? Head online and find some free tutorials that will help you achieve your goals. Choose something that doesn’t require investing in materials. Make sure you have the supplies at home already to avoid spending any money.

Spend Quality Time with Animals - Take Fido to the dog park, or spend some time playing with your pets. Teach them a new trick or play fetch. And if you don’t have a pet, visit a local shelter. The animals will enjoy the one-on-one attention and the best part? They won’t ask you for any money.

By Alison Storm

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