Old Fashioned Ways to Save Money

Posted on 08/04/2010

Your grandmother was right about a lot of things, including how to handle finances. Back before iPads, cell phones and even microwaves, people knew how to pinch pennies. Take a cue from days gone by, and consider these old fashioned ways to save money.

Sewing - Missing buttons and loose hems don’t ruin clothes. Learn some simple stitches and you’ll be able to repair minor clothing issues rather than buying new. Small holes and tears can be fixed, too. Just ask your grandmother.

Baking in Bulk - Baking takes time and energy. By cooking more at one time you’ll cut electricity costs by running the stove less, you’ll cut down the chance that food will spoil, and you’ll reduce your tendency to go out to eat because the fridge is empty. Dining at restaurants used to be considered a luxury that wasn’t done very often. Try thinking of it that way again if you really want to save money.

Reusing Items - Many of us are in the habit of throwing away perfectly good items, just because we’ve used them once or twice. Breaking this pattern can save you money. Plastic baggies and foil can be cleaned or wiped out. Old clothes could be repurposed as rags instead of buying paper towels. Food jars can take the place of plastic storage containers. Give a new purpose to old items.

Using Natural Cleaning Products - Chances are your grandmother didn’t have dozens of cleaning products stashed under her kitchen sink. These days we spend lots of money on different products marketed for every surface in every room of our home. Get back to the basics and clean the old fashioned way using products like lemon, vinegar and bleach.

Growing Food - A few decades ago most American households had a garden. Families grew vegetables, herbs and fruit. They ate it fresh and canned the rest. Gardening is definitely making a comeback and one of the reasons is because it’s a great way to cut costs and save money.

Couponing - While it may seem like an old fashioned way to save money, coupons are now getting pretty high tech. With coupons that arrive straight to your cell phone and easy-to-use grocery store discount cards, this old fashioned practice got a make-over. It’s now saving many families thousands of dollars a year, which, back in the day, was considered a small fortune.

By Alison Storm

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