Job Opportunities for College Students

Posted on 08/27/2010

College is expensive—from books to beer there are plenty of things competing for your money. While studying is a job in itself, plenty of students opt to take on part-time jobs to earn extra income. But with so many students descending on college campuses, competition can be fierce. Here are some places to uncover job opportunities for college students.

The College Website - Search for jobs through your college’s website. For instance, the University of Arizona posts all available positions online so students can search for one that’s a great fit. And look at it this way—at least the commute shouldn’t be bad. - There are online classifieds that focus specifically on jobs for college students. One to check out is Here you can find listings for everything from baby-sitting positions to barista jobs. - Another great online job hunting resource is It bills itself as the number one source for hourly employment. Big name corporations like FedEx, Sonic and Pizza Hut use the site to search for part-time workers and many of these positions would be great for college students. - Visit the student gateway to the US government, There’s a long list of available employment opportunities within the government. Find internships or hourly positions in all types of fields.

Become a Sales Rep - Lots of companies are looking for independent sales representatives and in some cases this can be a great fit for college students. The hours are flexible and you can work from home. Check out companies like Avon, mark cosmetics, Jewels by Park Lane, and CUTCO for opportunities that may offer good employment options for college students.

By Alison Storm

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