How to Clean Out Your Purse and Organize Your Wallet

Posted on 08/05/2010

Some experts believe the state of your wallet or purse directly reflects the state of your overall financial situation. If your purse is full of crumpled receipts and gum wrappers, or you’ve got change floating around in fifteen different places, it may be time to give it a good cleaning. Here are some steps for cleaning out your purse and organizing your wallet.

Start by Purging - Have a few free minutes? Take care of purging the junk from your wallet and purse. Unnecessary receipts, expired coupons and candy wrappers get tossed in the trash. When you find things you need to keep, decide if there’s a better storage spot than your wallet or purse.

Scale Down - There’s no need to lug around redundant items. Did you find fourteen pens in the bottom of your bag? Keep two or three, but put the rest in your desk. The same goes with products like lip gloss, hair ties, or makeup.

Collect Similar Items - If things like coins, aspirin and business cards seem to find their way into every region of your purse, try designating one space for them. Put like items in plastic baggies so you have a place for health care items, grooming necessities and office supplies. Keep all of those rewards, discount and membership cards from your gym, grocery store and pharmacy in one place so you don’t waste time digging around for them every time they’re needed.

Add Alternate Storage - If you have a problem keeping receipts, stray papers or coupons organized, consider adding alternate storage to your purse so they don’t end up cluttering up your wallet. Pick up a small accordion file like the Moleskine Memo Pocket from It won’t take up much room, but it will go a long way towards keeping your purse tidy.

Keep Cash in Order - Many of us don’t carry much cash, but if you do, organize those bills. Unfold them and put them in order of smallest to largest. If you respect your money, you’re less likely to wonder where it all goes.

Get Rid of Unused Cards - Take a quick inventory of the credit cards, gift cards and debit cards in your wallet. Get rid of used-up gift cards or neglected credit cards. Photo copy the ones that are staying in your wallet and keep that record at home in case your wallet ever gets stolen.

By Alison Storm

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