Gearing up for After School Sports on a Budget

Posted on 08/23/2010

If your kids tell you they want to play football, try out for the tennis team or give gymnastics a go and all you can think about is the money it will require—keep reading. There are lots of ways to gear up for after school sports on a budget. Score big at saving money with these tips.

Consider Used Equipment
Lots of used sports equipment isn’t that used at all. Plenty of people take up an activity and decide pretty quickly it’s not for them. Take advantage of their shifting interests by saving big money on their second-hand sporting equipment at websites like ( and Craigslist. It may be worth your time to check out the selection at local thrift stores, too.

Stick to the Basics
Every sport has top-of-the-line gadgets and gear that are great for pros, but not necessary for novices. Sticking to the basics will save you big bucks when getting your newbie geared up for the latest activity. Your kids may want all of the fancy gear, but start them off with lower-end products until you’re sure they’re sticking with the sport.

Shop Out of Season Sales
If you know your kids want to take up a spring sport, start shopping for the gear now. You may have better luck finding good deals if you plan ahead. Be sure to check clearance sections like the one found at

Sell Last Year’s Gear
Kids grow quickly. Perhaps you have some sporting equipment you no longer need or use from years past. Try putting an ad on Craigslist and selling your old gear to help pay for this season’s necessities. You could even try selling it at a consignment store like Play it Again Sports.

Focus on one Sport
Your little one may want to try out cross country, cheerleading and bowling all at the same time, but encourage them to focus on a single sport. Not only will it give them an opportunity to master one activity, but you’ll save money on equipment costs, too.

By Alison Storm

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