When Buying Used Can Save You the Most Cash

Posted on 07/07/2010

There’s something nice about buying new—cracking open that pristine package, taking in that fresh smell and enjoying the perfection of a new product. But buying used has a quality that can trump all that—saving money. Here are circumstances where buying used can save you the most cash.

Baby Gear - Babies can require lots of gear, but it doesn’t need to be brand new. Pick up used clothes, toys and supplies at garage sales, thrift stores or friends’ homes for a fraction of the cost.

Books - New books are nice, but the story is the same in used copies. Plus you’ll save enough money to beef up your library even more. Try searching for used copies of the books you want at BarnesandNoble.com.

Cars - How much are you willing to pay for that new car smell? As soon as you drive a new car off the lot you essentially lose thousands of dollars. Reduce that financial hit by buying a used car. You’ll get more car for the money.

Furniture - Sure, some pieces of furniture are better new-- like a mattress. But used furniture can be just as functional and far more affordable. Tables, dining chairs, and desks are great when purchased used. Plus they often have more character than something new.

Movies and Music - When it comes to DVDs and CDs, it’s best to buy used. It may mean you won’t be the first one to own a copy of the latest Twilight release, but you’ll save quite a bit of cash buying a slightly used version. For instance, at Amazon.com, you can pick up a used copy of The Twilight Saga: New Moon for just $9.99—that’s a few bucks cheaper than the new version.

Sporting Goods - Think of all the times you’ve bought a new toy, game or piece of sporting equipment only to give it early retirement in a corner of the garage. Find gently used sporting equipment and pay way less than what you’d spend for the brand new version.

By Alison Storm

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