Twitter and Facebook Poll: What was the Last Thing You Splurged On?

Posted on 07/13/2010

Sure, the economy may stink, but that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a little something special. Splurging these days may mean buying a venti instead of a grande at Starbucks or buying the whole album on iTunes instead of just one song, but that’s not stopping you from treating yourself. We polled you on Twitter and Facebook to find out the last thing you splurged on.


Jennifer Bell: A portable GPS for geocaching.

Mark T. Johnson: Does it have to be tangible? Travel...

Kris Mau Alongi: A new bike.

Karyn Powell: A very new & needed refrigerator. Love it!

Chase Cronin: Can't remember the last thing I splurged on but the next thing will be a certain piece of mechanical wonder to be used for personal/home defense.

Rachel Randolph: A trip to Whole Foods for organic healthy food I can't get at my normal grocery store. Not a huge splurge, but it was definitely a lot less food for a lot more money. I've enjoyed every bit of it, though.

Tonya Morris: A Bose CD player for my boyfriend for Christmas! (not even for me!)

Pam Scott: A new pillow top mattress

Deidre Hankins: a baby :)

Emily Kosa: went to three movies in one week!

Janet Wilson: After being unemployed for so long (and now working YAY) and getting into so much debt - even groceries are a splurge!

Jeannie Crofts Evanchan: A lovely wedding! And to think, I wanted to elope :)


IDofW: I've splurged on a couple of books and a political t-shirt. Gifts to myself.

@SavingforHome: I splurged on a pair of sunglasses for running/cycling

@TVAmy: 3D TV :)

@sharpemikayla: I splurged on a great haircut/highlights to feel fresh again

@supergrean07: We bought a dog!

By Alison Storm

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