The Best Games for Teaching Kids about Money

Posted on 07/09/2010

According to a study by Visa, more than half of parents say their child thinks money grows on trees. Games can be a great way to teach your kids where money really comes from. They’ll have fun learning how to budget, spend wisely and respect money with these educational games.

Pay Day - For more than 30 years Pay Day has been teaching kids how to budget, pay bills and spend wisely. Players can take out loans, but they must pay 20% interest. However, they’ll earn 10% interest on the money they have in savings. Right now it’s on sale for $14.98 at

Money Bags - Ages seven and up can learn money skills with the Money Bags board game. Kids will collect, count and exchange money while they learn valuable lessons. Head to to pick up Money Bags for $19.95.

Decisions: A Stock Market Money Management Game - Older kids can take their first steps on Wall Street with Decisions: A Stock Market Money Management Game. Players try to make smart investments and strategic decisions that will help make them the most money. Kids learn how to keep records using math skills and at the end of the game the person with the highest net worth wins. Invest in this game for $24.95 at

Sale - Teach kids about comparative shopping, recording financial transactions and saving money by purchasing discounted items with the game Sale. But don’t run out of cash—because that means you’re the loser. The player that’s saved the most money wins. And you’ll save $3 on the game if you buy it now from

Little Spender - Your little ones will get familiar with money when they play Little Spender. The game introduces the youngest players to the value of money. They’ll learn how to make change and purchase items while beginning to grasp the concept of money. sells Little Spender for $17.99—not a bad price for helping kids learn financial lessons.

By Alison Storm

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