How to Organize a Clothing Swap

Posted on 07/20/2010

A clothing swap is a free, green way to refresh your wardrobe. If you’re developing a slow hatred for everything your closet holds, prevent a budget-busting shopping spree and organize a clothing swap instead. Here are a few simple steps for making it happen.

Clean Out Your Closet - If this is a chore you’ve been putting off, this may be good motivation to get the job done. Pull out everything you haven’t worn in a year or two. Bag up items that don’t fit or that are no longer reflect your style. Items that are damaged or stained can go straight to the trash. Your friends probably won’t want them either.

Ask Friends to Clean Out Their Closets - Get your friends to clean out their closets and drawers, too. Tell them to sift through everything they don’t wear or don’t want. They can even clean out their shoe racks or jewelry boxes if they feel extra inspired.

Invite Everyone Over - Invite everyone to bring their bags of clothing to your place at the same time. Serve some snacks and drinks so that the event is enjoyable for everyone. Tell them the rules and let the “shopping” begin.

Create a Place for Trying on Items - Set aside a spare bedroom or bathroom for friends to try on clothes they’re interested in. This way it will feel more like a true shopping spree and gives people a chance to find out what they like and don’t like.

Make Sure Everyone Goes Home with Something New - Some friends may be hesitant to take other people’s clothes. Make them feel more comfortable by suggesting a few items that you think would work well for them. And tell everyone they need to leave with something.

Donate Leftovers - Anything that isn’t snatched up can be donated to a local thrift store or shelter. Even if you don’t want it, chances are someone else will.

Enjoy Your New Items - Start wearing your “new” clothing & feel good about the fact that you didn’t have to spend a dime!

By Alison Storm

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Posted on 07.20.10 at 4:14 PM

In person clothing swaps are a great way to update clothes for, I host them often! Your tips were very helpful. I also host an online clothing swap for women on facebook - suzieswapper - for times when getting to an in-person swap isn't possible!

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