Free Nicorette mini Lozenge sample

Posted on 07/24/2010

As everyone already knows, cigarette smoking is a bag habit and is also good for dwindling down the ol' bank account. Break the habit once and for all with Nicorette mini Lozenges. They dissolve up to 3 times faster than other lozenges and the small size means they're very discrete. The whole world doesn't need to know you're trying to quit, right? To get you started, here's a free sample of the Nicorette mini Lozenges from CVS. Available while supplies last.

* Hot deals expire quickly. This deal may no longer be valid.



Posted on 07.25.10 at 1:07 AM

Link doesn't work. Takes you to CVS and then around and around. Never could enter info to get a free sample.


Posted on 07.26.10 at 3:36 PM

your right.... round and round and round and round


Posted on 08.06.10 at 4:30 PM

It worked for me. Click CVS, Nicorette screen appears, turn off pop-up blocker, click free sample...

Roger Meier

Posted on 08.11.10 at 3:49 AM

Tried the gum, but never these.

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