Twitter and Facebook Poll: What Do you Hate Spending Money On?

Posted on 06/22/2010

Spending money can be fun, but our latest Twitter and Facebook poll proves there are just some things you hate using up your hard earned cash to pay for. We heard from lots of you who have a hard time plunking down money for everything from tuxedos to topsoil.


Noelle Elizabeth Kachinsky: Insurance and taxes. I get nothing out of any of them.

Jodee German Moffett: I hate spending money on toilet paper. =-)

Jason Hope: Extra condiments (such as BBQ sauce, tomatoes, and etc.). Also being charged for to-go cups at restaurants. I don't like paying extra to use my debit card at stores or paying to withdraw money from other banks ATM's. Lol just a few of many.

Tonya Morris: Bottled water... it’s a love/hate relationship. I think the bottled h2o is better for me. I think h2o from the faucet has a funny taste so it probably has something in it that I shouldn't put n my body.

Nathan Duvall: Toilet paper, paper towels and gas.

Jeannie McCarragher Hodes: "convenience fees' to pay ANYTHING online or by credit card rather than by a check. GIVE ME A BREAK!!! Even though it's like $2, I end up writing the check out of spite.

Karen Bourne: I hate wasting it on things that do not last or on rent

Jeannie Crofts: Anything dealing with my car. I hate that it always needs a new filter or an oil change. I went to Jiffy Lube when I first moved to the city, and they said I needed $600 worth of repairs. Turns out I just needed a $40 oil change. Ugh!

Kelley Price Smith: feminine hygiene products.


TVd_out: Tuxedo rentals. $100 a pop! So over the weekend, I bought one.

sharonsuchoval: Cable TV. The cost keeps going up, but my usage is going down. I struggle with this bill every month.

deliverawaydebt: I hate spending money on car insurance.

Matt_SF: Telecom - it's way too costly to 'stay in touch'. Which is why I don't carry a mobile phone & purchased a MagicJack.

dwarshauer: I hate spending it on raspberries that are moldy as soon as you get them home.

marygracev: spending more for healthy foods

MarcoSuarez: having a baby.

robschaller: car taxes

NosyFoodDude: Topsoil for the yard. Dirt is EVERYWHERE, yet we buy it anyway. It adds up at $2+ per bag.

JasonDFarr: Gas. It sucks so much out of your budget.

lkrainey: I hate #spending #MONEY PERIOD. But most of all I hate spending $ on garbage bags!

tjrum: gas. tires. insurance.

By Alison Storm

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