How to Save Money When Attending an Out of Town Wedding

Posted on 06/17/2010

Wedding season has arrived. While celebrating the union of two people is a joyous occasion, sometimes attending the wedding can be a bit of a hassle. Between gifts, meals and outfits, out of town weddings can quickly add up to what you may have spent on week in the Bahamas. Here are some ways to save money when attending an out of town wedding.

Find a Place to Crash - Hotels can be a major part of the expense with an out of town wedding. Check with the bride or groom and see if they might have any suggestions for friends or family members with spare bedrooms. Make sure you do this far enough in advance of the wedding so that you’re not adding extra stress right before the big day. The bride and groom may also have booked a block of rooms at a nearby hotel. Typically hotels will offer lower rates to wedding parties when several guests are booking rooms.

Buy the Gift Online - These days it’s important to travel light if you’re flying. Rather than lugging the wedding gift with you, buy it online and have it shipped to the happy couple’s home. Lots of popular retailers for wedding registries offer free shipping. But the added weight in your carry-on or checked bag could land you with extra fees from the airline.

Save on Clothes - If you’re just a guest, save money by wearing an outfit you already own. Freshen it up with new (or borrowed!) accessories. If you’re in the wedding party, treat your bridesmaid dress with care. No matter how much the bride thinks you’ll be able to wear it again you probably never will. However, you’ll likely be able to sell it on eBay and make some of your money back.

Join Forces - Whether you’re looking to cut costs on child care, car rental or a wedding gift, join forces with other guests. Chipping in on various wedding expenses can be a great way to save money but still be a part of the big day.

By Alison Storm

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