Twitter/Facebook Poll: How do you Save Money on Summer Vacation?

Posted on 05/26/2010

Hitting the beach this summer? Or maybe you’re taking the family on a road trip? Even though summer vacations are often priceless, they can still be pricey. So we wanted to know how you save money on summer vacation. These were the answers you gave us on Twitter and Facebook.


@Trishakeehn: I’m saving money by taking my parents along ;)

@kellimarks: We're vacationing with a large group. No money saved (!) but we are doing side jobs for extra cash.

@lkrainey: Avoid eating out as much while on vacation and prepare some meals n the hotel room! (Soups, sandwiches, wraps)

@GlassHalfFullPR: We try to find a condo (which can be cheaper) or a hotel with a kitchen and make our own breakfast/lunch/snacks...

@carrieduvall: Go with family/friends & split the cost.

@robschaller: Where possible, rent a house instead of hotel room - then make our own breakfast and some lunches in the kitchen.


Lauren Elizabeth Lilyea: Well I guess you can count my honeymoon a vacation ;) We are going to Long Boat Key in FL and we are staying at a best friend of the family's condo. We will also probably do a lot of cooking in the condo instead of go out to eat all the time. But we enjoy cooking together ;) we are also driving there instead of flying but we love road trips! Transportation, lodging, and food can be three of the most expensive things when going on a vacation but we decided to do it this way to save money.

Justin Andes: By not going. Ha!

Patrick Bloodgood: What is Summer Vacation? I left school and I don't teach. No Summer Vacation here.

Abigail Bleck Baker: When we went to Puerto Rico in March, one of our first stops was the grocery store. We picked up breakfast foods (cereal, milk, fruit), lunch stuff (bread, cold cuts) and snacks (cookies, chips) so the only meal we ate out was dinner. Doesn't just save money but it's life saving with a toddler who HAS TO EAT when SHE WANTS TO EAT.

Jennie Raff: I'm going on vacation, but I'm staying for free with people I know in different cities. That's the easiest way to save up to $500 in a week! I'm heading to Boston next week and I know family in the area I'll stay with. I also hope to visit friends I know either in San Francisco, Santa Fe or Denver.

Jordana Megonigal: Picnic lunches! We are going to DC and I'll be packing a picnic for the kids (to keep from paying $40+ on food each meal!) Also snacks in the car keep from stopping a lot and keeps $$ down...

Stephanie Storm: We are exploring our own state - doing a lot of camping and outdoor adventures!

Gretchen Cooper: We did Give a Day, Get a Day (volunteered) and got free Disneyland one day tickets to use by December. We are going in August.

Randy Hansen: local park systems have amazing deals! Often run by companies hoping to get customers, these "summer camps" offer the full experience for a fraction of the real thing! Look at canoe tours, computer classes and pottery courses as examples- all are run by pro companies on behalf of the county/city/schools in the hope you'll become enamored by these activities and are willing to go full-expense to do it some more with them.

Keri Golden Boyle: The Black Hills in South Dakota is a VERY cheap family vacation, for a whole week last year we spent only $1200.00 for a family of 4 with hotel, gas, food, and admissions to all that we wanted to see. :)

By Alison Storm

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