Tips for Landing a Summer Job

Posted on 05/03/2010

For some people, summer is about getting the best tan, but for others, it’s about getting the best job. If making the most out of your summer means making the most money, we’ve got some helpful tips for landing a summer job.

Start Now - If you want a summer job, start now. Experts say most employers are looking to fill those positions by the end of May which means you shouldn’t wait if you want a shot at the best job opportunity available.

Prepare to Stand Out - Whether you’re an adult or a teen looking for part time summer employment, the competition will be fierce. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, teen unemployment is at 26 percent, the highest for that age bracket since 1948. That means every job opening will likely have lots of applicants so make sure you’re doing what you can to stand out. Put your best foot forward by dressing appropriately, practicing interview answers and being prepared.

Search Thoroughly - Searching for a summer job could require investigating several avenues. Look in your local newspaper, on Craigslist, and on job search websites like Keep an eye out for “help wanted” signs and be open to work you may not have previously considered.

Think Seasonally - Pinpoint possible job openings by investigating seasonal opportunities in your area. Make a list of resorts, stores or venues that may be looking for extra help over the summer months. Then start doing your research. Visit websites, make phone calls and take the time to show up in person. Landing that job could require some leg work.

Tell Everyone - If your goal is to get a summer job, make sure you tell everyone you know. Connections through friends and family members may lead you to the perfect position. It could be a job you never would have found in the want ads.

By Alison Storm

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