Affordable Gifts for Graduates

Posted on 05/11/2010

It’s time for tossing those tassel-topped graduation caps into the air and celebrating the start of something new. Whether you’re looking for a graduation gift for someone who’s wrapping up high school or for a college student now entering the real world, you’re probably looking for something that’s just as affordable as it is meaningful. Here are some ideas for affordable gifts for graduates.

Gift Cards - Gift cards are great for cash-strapped grads. Whether they’re heading to college, or leaving it, money is likely tight. Give them a gift with an air of practicality like a gift card for gas or groceries. Set the amount that suits your budget best.

Laundry Hamper and Supplies - For kids just entering the real world or heading off to college, laundry may be uncharted territory. Give them the supplies to get the job done including this $19.99 heavy duty laundry hamper from It holds up to 50 pounds of laundry, which is perfect for busy (or highly social) students. Throw in some detergent & a roll of quarters to complete this perfectly practical gift.

Customized Note Cards - Give your grad a very adult gift like customized note cards. Personalize it even more by selecting their school colors. makes it easy with the School & Team Stationary section. High school graduates will love showing school spirit for their new college and college grads will appreciate holding on to a piece of their alma mater.

Computer Accessories - There are few things that students love more than their computers. Give them an accessory for their perfect accessory. This laptop bag features the look of an inter-office envelope, but it’s actually made of durable neoprene rubber. Or give them a travel mouse pad. It’s thin enough to fit inside a laptop, pulling double duty as it protects the screen from key burn and dust when the laptop is in the closed position.

Silly Gift - Reward years of hard work with a little silliness. College grads will appreciate the humor behind this t-shirt from that says “Hire Me” in big, bold letters. And who knows? Your gift could help them land a job which, these days, may just be the best gift a graduate could get.

By Alison Storm

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