Twitter and Facebook Poll: How are you Spending Your Tax Refund?

Posted on 04/12/2010

The tax deadline is approaching. Whether you’ve already received your tax refund or one is on the way, chances are you know how you’re going to spend it. And judging by our Twitter and Facebook poll, some of you already have. Here’s how you told us you plan to spend your tax refund. (PS - Don't forget to follow @Bargainist on Twitter for regular savings updates!)


trishakeehn: saving it up for a vacation... totally need it!

kellimarks: We got about $500 and built a pergola.

timsterr: I'm writing Uncle Barack a check. #selfemployed

amassimiwsav: paying off credit cards

JeremyVoh: We don't normally get a refund, but this year we do thanks to some changes. I'm buying a riding lawn mower.

PauloWill: It's in our savings account

LeftJabs: Part Vegas, part tires, part savings.


Gil Gerretsen: Going to finish my fancy new porch.

Tim Bell: Making my kitten feel better so probably vet bills

Lauren Earle Walker: Unfortunately it has been used to get my car fixed. Bummer.

Keri Golden Boyle: Spent a little on some home projects, otherwise SAVED the majority! :)

Steve Cole: SAVINGS. :(

Darren Whitehead: Paid off all my debt and opened an IRA with the leftovers.

Stephanie Storm: Sorry - No refund this year :(

Matthew Hoyle: Using it towards a kitchen remodel

Jennifer Storm Meredith: Paid bills :(!

Nick Fisher: Added on to my car stereo.

Rebecca Vereen: Going to Jamaica for a second honeymoon... and then we are going to start saving.

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