Throw a Cinco de Mayo Party for Less than $20

Posted on 04/27/2010

Cinco de Mayo, which translates into 5th of May, is a Mexican celebration that marks the victory of the Mexican militia at The Battle of Puebla in 1862. And it’s also a great reason to plan a fiesta! Here are some tips for throwing a Cinco de Mayo party for less than the cost of two tickets to the movies.

Choose Basic, Affordable Party Food - Mexican staples like enchiladas and nachos are super tasty as well as affordable. Be sure to add low cost side dishes like Mexican rice and refried beans. For a few bucks you’ll be able to fill up a lot of party guests.

Serve a Cheap and Tasty Treat - Tres Leches Cake, or three milks, is a tasty Mexican dessert. Whip up an easy version using low cost ingredients like a yellow cake mix, evaporated milk, sweetened condensed milk and whipping cream.

Ask for Help with the Margaritas - Margaritas are a signature Mexican drink. Since alcohol can be pricey, you could either make virgin drinks, which won’t cost much to mix up, or ask guests to bring some tequila for the real thing. Once the tequila is taken care of, picking up the rest of the ingredients for a margarita won’t set you back too much.

Get Free Mariachi Music - The right music will help make your Cinco celebration even more festive. Look for free mariachi music downloads at and

Make a Piñata - Piñatas are perfect for parties. Make your own using old newspaper, a balloon and tissue paper. Blow up the balloon and cover it with strips of newspaper that have been soaked in a mixture of glue and water. Once the balloon is covered in paper let it dry. Then pop the balloon and decorate it with colored tissue paper. Cut a small hole in the piñata and fill it up with some treats.

Decorate with Red, White and Green - The colors of the Mexican flag are red, white and green. Perhaps you have some leftover tissue paper from Christmas for creating your own fringed garland using this tutorial from In a matter of minutes, and with little to no money, you’ll have your place ready for a Cinco de Mayo party that people will be talking about long after seis de Mayo.

By Alison Storm

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