How to Get Motivated to Finish Your Taxes

Posted on 04/05/2010

Doing your taxes is about as much fun as cleaning toilets or standing in line at the Department of Motor Vehicles. Maybe you’ve started or maybe all you’ve done is procrastinate—either way, the job needs to get done because the April 15 deadline is looming. Here are some ways to get motivated to finish your taxes, but don't forget that there's also some great deals on tax software & services over at the UltimateCoupons' Tax Coupons page!.

Schedule It - You make time for work, yoga and dinner dates. So why not make time for taxes? Carve out a few hours in your schedule to focus on your W-2s. Once it’s written on your calendar you’ll be more likely to commit to it and wrap them up.

Break the Work Down - Filing your taxes can seem like a huge chore. Try breaking it down into a few manageable tasks. Start with setting aside time to organize your paperwork. Pull out your receipts, W-2s and other records you will need. Once you’ve accomplished that step, move on to filling out your tax returns. Soon you’ll be ready to send them off to Uncle Sam.

Set a Reward - Get motivated to complete your taxes by giving yourself a reward if you do. Your prize could be anything from a professional massage to a trip to the local ice cream parlor. Make sure it’s something that will really push you to focus on finishing the job.

Hire a Pro - Sometimes the only way to get motivated to make the April 15 deadline is by hiring someone else to help you. Paying an accountant or tax pro to work with you on completing your taxes is a surefire way to complete the task.

Consider the Penalties - If you don’t file your taxes or ask for an extension by April 15, you could face fines. The penalty from the IRS is five percent of the tax balance owed each month. For example, if you don’t pay until June 19th, you’ll pay a three month penalty, or 15 percent. Avoid the fine and get your taxes done.

By Alison Storm

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