Green Home: Earth-Friendly and Wallet-Friendly Products

Posted on 04/02/2010

How green is your home? Being earth-friendly can start right in your own backyard—and kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. And it doesn’t have to be expensive. We’re sharing earth-friendly and wallet-friendly products for every room in your home.

The Bathroom - The bathroom can be a huge source of water waste. Train your family to take quicker showers with the 5-minute Shower Coach. It’s just $4.49 at While you’re there pick up the Toilet Tank Bank for $3.99. Fill it up and stash it in your toilet tank. You’ll save a gallon with every flush.

The Nursery - Babies go through a lot of stuff. Reduce your little one’s carbon footprint by switching to reusable wipes. A 12 pack of BumGenius Flannel Wipes is $11.95 at You won’t have to buy as many disposable baby wipes and you won’t be throwing as many into the trash either.

The Kitchen - Stop wasting money on disposable food storage products like plastic baggies. Instead, invest in the earth-friendly Fruit and Veggie Bowl Storage Kit at It comes with a reusable ice pack for keeping food fresher, longer and sells for $9.95.

The Garden - Sick of pesky weeds? Don’t attack them with dangerous chemicals. Instead use herbal-based organic weed killer. It’s safe around children and pets and can be used in your garden. A bottle sells for $14.95 at

The Bedroom - Memory foam mattresses are super comfortable, but most are made from products that give off toxic fumes and VOCs. Pick up a Keetsa mattress for a more earth-friendly alternative. It’s made of a recyclable material and lots of natural ingredients. A queen size will run you $999 at, and right now you’ll get free shipping with any purchase over $99.

The Living Room - Swap out all of those old school light bulbs in your living room with earth-friendly compact fluorescents. is selling a five pack for just $10, which is an especially great bargain when you consider that these bulbs use 75 percent less energy. It’s a simple and affordable way to make your home more green.

By Alison Storm

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